Uncommon Wines
Uncommon Wines Art Direction, Brand Identity, Packaging — Choosing wine is very subjective, where the approaches are as numerous as the varieties on the shelf. You might choose a wine based on the food you're going to eat, or a server's best recommendation. You might choose a wine based on a label that speaks to you, a vintage from a particularly good year, or a blend that you know is sure to delight. Uncommon Wines wanted to create a brand much deeper and with more emotion. A wine that suits mood. Feeling curious, feisty, loved or devious? Uncommon Wines believes that every mood has a wine that pairs with it perfectly. Artfully and expertly blended by Andrew Murray, Uncommon Wines reflect their namesakes in depth, aroma, pallet and weight. Each one gives you a new way to experience your wine as a complement to the mood you're in. The result was an uncommon approach by creating a strong, modern visual typographic identity paired with bold and unique print techniques. Commissioned by Bulldog Drummond.
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